Frozen Still Life, from The Tasmanian Textures Collection Vol. 1


About Us

Unique Textures in Time

We're a geologist and a surface pattern designer creating distinctive, earth-inspired images

Philosophy Meticulously crafting extraordinary, geologically-based prints and patterns

Landslide is a collaboration between Tasmanian geologist, Bill Cromer, and South African born surface pattern designer, Brigitte de Villiers (now living in Tasmania). A shared fascination with the patterns formed in nature by geological processes — especially the intricate colour and texture of minerals in rocks — led us to explore the creation of premium prints, wall art and repeating patterns from our observations.

The Landslide collections offer truly one-off patterns sourced directly from Tasmanian rocks. The locations and the rocks themselves are carefully selected to reflect and celebrate Tasmania’s unique geology, culture or history. We’re committed to creating premium, original and refreshing collections, marrying the mysterious with the familiar, the intangible with the dramatic. Every image tells a story and can illustrate a specific theme or concept.

Our images are available to be bought or used exclusively. In addition, we can source new collections according to your requirements.

Process Capturing unique textures in time

Our creative process starts ‘out in the field’, where Bill identifies and collects suitable rocks for a new print collection. Back in the laboratory, a thin section of our rock specimen is glued to a glass slide, cut again, and then ground down to a slice so fine that light passes through it.

Under a microscope, we painstakingly select and digitally capture each unique texture in time. We use polarised light to alter the mood or drama of our microscopic vistas.

Provenance Know exactly where you pattern originates from

We personally travel Tasmania and are licenced as prospectors to collect the rocks used for our images. We do not collect from sensitive areas such as National Parks, historic reserves or aboriginal sites. We use hand-held tools, select only hand-sized specimens, and disturb no vegetation.

For each rock specimen we collect, we provide a map location, a photograph and brief description so that you can know exactly where your pattern originates from. If you have access to Google Earth, you can zoom to the very spot.

The Art and Science of Landslide

Bill first recognised the beauty of patterns in thin slices of rock when, as a geology student at the University of Tasmania a long time ago, he had to cut, slice, polish and study rocks as part of his honours thesis. For years after, Bill sat on the idea of creating prints and patterns out of his discoveries, sometimes venturing to discuss it with arty people, but mostly forgetting about it.

Bill and Brigitte met when he hired her to resurrect his geological website. As Bill soon discovered, Brigitte had already been exposed to the beauty of (lichen-covered) rocks and the intricacy of small structures revealed under the microscope through her Lichenologist fiancé. Bill raised his idea again, and Brigitte was extremely intrigued and inspired. She’d been wanting to explore something creative with rocks and lichens, and Bill’s idea added a whole new dimension to her existing pattern-making adventures.

So Bill set off on field trips around Tasmania to collect rocks, after which Brigitte got to work carefully selecting images, and Landslide was born!

team member

Bill Cromer The Geologist

When not collecting rocks for Landslide, I can be found somewhere in Tasmania offering my consultancy services in geotechnical and related fields. I'm also frequently spotted on a tennis court, or being kept busy by my energetic grandchildren.

team member

Brigitte de Villiers The Designer

On the rare occasion that I'm not peering down a microscope or creating patterns, you might find me developing websites, bushwalking with my Lichenologist fiancé or weaving baskets out of reclaimed telephone wire.

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